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Product Manager (Remote)

Preferable Location: Oslo   |   Full Time


As a product manager at Memory, you’ll work closely with the Head of Product, designers and developers to plan, build and ship in an iterative fashion product improvements that bring the most value to our users. Most of the bullet points below describe you well:

  • You are enthusiastic and emphatic. You like to take initiative and have an entrepreneurial spirit. 
  • You “get” software development. You’re probably a dev-turned-manager, or you’ve worked in the field long enough to understand how it all fits together. 
  • You are pragmatic, with an eye for identifying trade-offs. Your gut is calibrated on when to compromise.
  • You are organized and good at making schedules work. 
  • You have felt the pain of time tracking in the real world. 
  • When you optimize the product improvement process, team happiness is a key consideration.
  • You don’t default to meetings, but know their value. Meeting invites from you typically have an agenda.
  • You are quick to identify friction in processes and find workarounds. 
  • You are comfortable making decisions. You are right more often than not, but you don’t mind being wrong either. You’ll always push for what you believe the customer needs.
  • You have experience working on SaaS products.
  • You have experience in writing small enough, vertically sliced user stories.
  • You are a great communicator. Clear, effective communication is crucial to this role, and you excel at it. You can translate a technical spec to layman terms, and vice versa. 
  • You have experience working with a distributed team across multiple time zones. You are familiar and comfortable with async communication, text and video.
  • You live near Oslo, Norway or in a European timezone. 



  • Co-own the process of how we iteratively plan, build and ship improvements to the product.
  • Ensure that teams are following said process, and that communication is flowing to the right people.
  • Help build and/or maintain internal tools that reduce friction and frustrations in the way we work.
  • Collaborate with the Head of Product on product vision and roadmap.
  • Translate ideas, concepts and mocks into user stories that are sound to designers, testers and developers.
  • Organize and prioritize product feedback from Customer Success and Sales.
  • Sync with key team leads on a weekly basis, and keep overall agenda and minutes.
  • Work with Customer Success and Marketing teams to communicate new product releases to customers.



  • Productboard
  • Github
  • React and Redux for Web frontend development
  • Ruby on Rails for backend development
  • Python for AI and Analysis
  • Objective C and Swift for iOS and MacOS development
  • Kotlin for Android development



  • Competitive salary and stock option in a fast-growing start-up
  • Loose vacation policy
  • Work from the coolest office in Oslo, Memory HQ (if you are based in or near Oslo) with awesome lunch, drinks, snacks and coffee,
  • Or work remotely in a company that truly values the job done, not where it's done.



Memory builds tools that help people do more of the work that matters. Every single member of our team joined to make an actual difference, and as a company we have a rare shared clarity of vision. We’re powered by a diverse international team and invite applications from people of all walks of life. We value trust, open-mindedness, curiosity, respect and fun. We believe people with different backgrounds can create better results together. We want to get our hands dirty and build the next big tech company. We are looking for extraordinary people who thrive in a culture of self-improvement, honesty and openness.

We are looking for extraordinary people to join us. Are you one of them?

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